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Selasa, Januari 17, 2017

[Literature Form Three] Poem Poisoned Talk - Stanza by Stanza

Literature Form Three 
Poem Poisoned Talk - Stanza by Stanza

Paraphrase of the Poem 

Stanza 1
The narrator posed a question on who killed cock robin. The worm confesses and took responsibility. The cause of the bird's death is poisoning due to eating the poisonous worm. The worm is poisonous because it was poisoned by the acid soil which is toxic and harmful to plants and trees. That is why the tree where cock robin died is 'a withered tree', that means a weak and dry tree.

Stanza 2
The narrator asks who killed the heron and the fish confesses. It killed the heron when the bird fed on his poisoned flesh. The fish further confesses that he killed all the birds of the lake including duck, drake and tern.

Stanza 3
The narrator posed a question on who killed the lake. 'Industry' boasts that he's the culprit. 'Industry' explains that he poisoned the fish, weeds and the plants in the lake with mercury. Mercury is a hazardous and poisonous substance that is released into the environment through industrial processes and reckless disposal of industrial waste. 'Industry' claimed that he poisoned the lake to please 'greedy men' (referring to mankind/people) who do not want to spend money to dispose hazardous industrial waste properly. They simply want to gain more profits.

[Literature Form Three] Poem Poisoned Talk - Literary Devices

Literature Form Three 
Poem Poisoned Talk - Literary Devices

  • Irony - use of irony can be seen in the confessions to the crimes. Each culprit confesses to the killing/the crime is actually not the real killer. Though there seems to be so many killers, at the end of the day, there is only one killer i.e. man.
  • Repetition - 'Who killed', 'I'
  • Symbolism
i.  poison - pollution
ii. killing of cock robin - destruction to wildlife via the natural food chain as a result of land pollution
iv. killing of the heron and the birds of the lake - the lethal effect of water pollution
v.  killing of the lake - danger of industrial waste
vi. killing of the flowers by the wind - air pollution
vii.killing of the forest - threat to the whole Earth
  • Personification
i. Those who confess to the killings referred to themselves using the first person pronouns 'I' and 'my'.
ii. They speak pertaining to the crimes in a human-like voice.
iii. 'Industry' begins with a capital letter like a name and 'boasted' like a man.
iv. The wind 'moaned' and prowls
v. Sulphur dioxide 'ensured' the forest died.

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[Literature Form Three] Poem Poisoned Talk - Messages and Moral Values

Literature Form Three 
Poem Poisoned Talk - Messages and Moral Values

Through 'Poisoned Talk', the author wants to convey these messages:

Love the environment
We should not pollute and harm our nature. It is for our own good and also for the generations after us. We need a clean and healthy place to live.

Learn to take responsibility for our crimes against nature.
In this poem, the author wants us to really think and comprehend, who is the real killers that should be blamed for the crime committed. All the deaths are caused by pollution, made by human beings.

Protect the environment, stop pollution
A polluted environment is not the best place to live. Hence, we need to stop polluting the environment with our acts. The author has pointed out that many animals have died due to pollution committed by man. We need to do something to stop pollution in order to avoid the destruction of the environment.

  1. We must love our nature and the environment.
  2. We must be accountable for what we have done to the environment. 
  3. We must take responsibility for our crimes against nature.
  4. We must take all reasonable steps to protect the environment.
  5. We must be moderate in life, avoid being greedy and wanting more than we need so that we will not infringe the right of others.

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